When a family is given the news that their child has a life-threatening illness, and they need to go to the hospital immediately, packing a few comfort items is often not a priority.

We are providing a backpack complete with a warm fuzzy blanket, pillow, essential oils and diffuser, socks, toiletries, age-appropriate toys, a journal to document upcoming appointments for the parent, masks, gloves, etc.

For every child initially admitted with cancer, cystic fibrosis or other life-threatening illness or disability, we will be including an iPad to help them through the long hours of hospitalization and treatment. 

Just imagine being a child and having to remain still for hours on end while undergoing treatments. The iPad provides much-needed distraction and comfort to all age groups, whether toddlers or teens.

Currently, the program has launched at Palm Beach Children's Hospital, Jupiter Medical Center, Palms West, and Traditions. With the communities support, we will be extending the program throughout Palm Beach and Martin County to all hospitals who are admitting children with life-threatening illnesses.


Your support is needed for us to fill each backpack. Below are the crucial items we need. Any donation is helpful.

  • iPad

  • Gift cards - gas, Publix, Walmart, Target, Amazon

  • Soft fluffly blankets/throws for the hospital - for every age, kids (Disney and Super Heroes) teens (boys and girls)

  • Neck Pillow (can be characters for little kids and solid colors for older kids

  • Diffuser and essential oils (lavender for stress or peppermint for nausea)

  • Teddy bear

  • Chapstick

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Thermometer

  • Play Doh, Crayons, Legos, and Games

To purchase any of these items AND also support Chasin A Dream Foundation, please consider making us your Amazon Smile preferred charity. Click the button below to get started (it’s free!)