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(We/I) hereby request to participate in Chasin A Dream Foundation Programs which include, but are not limited to: Hospital Backpack Program, financial assistance, holiday toy/gift card assistance. I authorize photographs including myself to be used for charitable purposes. (We/I) hereby release Chasin A Dream Foundation from any and all liability that may arise from my/our participation in Chasin A Dream Foundation programs. I further agree that this release also covers and includes all unknown, unforeseen, unanticipated and unsuspected injuries, damages, losses and liabilities and their consequences, as well as those now disclosed and known by me/us to exist. Any provisions of any laws, statutes or regulations of any kinds that provide in substance that pleases shall not extend to claims, demands, injuries or damages, losses or liabilities, which are unknown to unsuspected to exist by the persons signing this release are herby waived. (We/I) have read and understand the above. *