A Letter from Norma Huempfner (Board Member):

I have been passionately involved with charity work helping children with life threatening illnesses since 1996. I was involved with the Jackson Memorial Guardian Angels program and the Faith Memorial Foundation. It was because of my own personal experience that I became involved with Chasin A Dream Foundation in 2017. My daughter Faith Huempfner was born on November 23 2007 with a rare chromosome deletion disorder and spent several months at St. Mary’s NICU. Our daughter received the most compassionate care a child could receive and for that we are forever grateful. In April 2008 our family's heart was broken when Faith passed away. In an effort to honor her memory I decided to devote my life to helping families who face these difficult situations in life. As a committed supporter and active Board Member of Chasin A Dream Foundation I look forward to helping as many families as we can.

If you are in need of assistance due to your child’s untimely passing, please submit the form below so we can contact you.

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