Diagnosed at 3 years old with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, this spunky little beauty endured two years, two months and 7 days of treatment, including 32 rounds of chemotherapy, multiple platelets and blood transfusions, and taking pills every day for over a year. She will finish July 27, 2017. Veta will continue to be monitored monthly.

Not bald from chemo anymore, Veta loves her “crazy curly hair”. She is passionate about horses and how beautiful they are. She loves playing outside and wearing her pink cowboy boots (everywhere!!!). Veta is starting Kindergarten this year……pink boots and all.

UPDATE: August 2017
And we want to say congratulations Veta on your last treatment. We wish you a very very long, healthy and cancer free life!

WarriorAndy BugsbyVeta, Warrior