On the last day of school in 2016, the King Family received a call from the nurse at their daughter’s school informing them that their child had severely enlarged lymph nodes. Jacqueline’s father, Chris, picked her up from school and immediately took her to the pediatrician. The physician ordered blood tests and prescribed steroids which decreased the swelling.

The last thing the family expected was a phone call on Labor Day informing them to take Jacqueline immediately to the emergency room where they would be waiting. Jacqueline’s mother, Marlene, recalls being in shock with all of the tests they were performing – chest X-ray, blood draws, bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture. Three days later the family was given the news that Jacqueline had T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and their world forever changed. Chemotherapy was immediately started. Marlene had to quit her job and priorities shifted to saving Jacqueline.

The Kings have a strong faith which they are relying on to get them through and said: “Without faith, this would all be a lot darker.” Jacqueline, along with her brother and sisters attend Trinity Christian School and not being able to attend school has been very difficult for the 8-year-old.

On September 16, 2017, Marlene wrote an update on Jacqueline’s Facebook page from the hospital:
Jacqueline started the 3rd phase of treatment, there was a minor delay due to low counts but she is back on track, we will be going home Monday God willing. Thursday Jaci had intrathecal chemotherapy and 24hrs. Of continuous chemo in her IV, yesterday was a difficult day lots of throwing up and body aches, but today she is better they are flushing the chemo out of her body, she still has next to nothing appetite. Her treatment is on track with the expected delays, she is responding well to the treatment. Yesterday she had two very special visitors her 3rd-grade teachers, and today Caroline visited her, she loves visitors. This coming week she will start school using the double robot, it will allow her to drive it to different classes and have live interactions with teachers and classmates, Trinity together with Chasin a Dream Foundation responsible for making this happen.

September 25th, 2017: 
Today Chasin A Dream is so honored to have purchased a robot for Jacqueline King which will enable her to attend school remotely. This amazing piece of equipment is placed in her classroom and Jackie controls it. She can participate in class, take tests, interact with classmates and her teacher. She can raise her hand for a question and is called upon to write on the blackboard. She has an iPad at home which she acts as her workbook and she completes all assignments as if in the class. Jackie controls the robot and moves it through the hallways going from class to class, chapel, and the lunchroom.

October 11, 2018:

“Praise the Lord ! Jacqueline is awake and the procedure was a success!
Let me explain a little why I have so much anxiety during such procedures.
In these procedures they send chemo to the brain through the spinal cord, there could be many complications due to general anesthesia but the most dangerous complication would be if the chemo doesn’t spread evenly throughout the brain, this could cause irreversible brain damage, I already met a patient here that happened to him, and there is no way to guarantee that, that won’t happen, so it’s a relief when she wakes up and say “hi mom!”
God is the one who has kept me saine through this ordeal.
So that’s why your Prayers are so appreciated.”  Mom, Marlene King

The beauty of this technology is that it can used while she is in the hospital or at home and the feeling of isolation is minimized. Especially while in the hospital, this gives her something to look forward to and something that she is held accountable for. It is so hard for these children to lose touch with their friends because they can no longer be in school, and with this robot she maintains that critical contact. We are so excited for Jackie and can see how happy she is to be back among her classmates.

January 2018:

Our first visit of the year.
We had such a blessed couple of months, November and December went without a hitch, she enjoined all the holidays festivities like any healthy child, that in itself was a miracle, since her blood counts are nonexistent, but by the grace of God no fevers no side effects whatsoever. Please know that all your prayers have been answered.

Today she is receiving vincristine, pegaspargase, and platelets, last week she had a blood transfusion. God has been taking good care of us all, we have lots of to be thankful for. Today she asked for her big sister to be with her. Nothing like a sister’s love.


August 2018

“School vacation has flown by” said Marlene King.  ” I didn’t realize that I hadn’t updated this page in 4 months.We’ve had such an amazing last 4 months.We would go an entire week without mentioning the word cancer. Today Jaci is looking beautiful sporting a beautifully full head of hair. Her ANC is not as high as I’d like but good enough for treatment. She is having her second LP for the second of cycle of maintenance. This has been a long journey and we are incredibly grateful for all your prayers and support.
Please continue to pray it’s not over yet but we are getting there.

January 9, 2019

 The flu landed Jacqui back in the hospital and she has had to remain because of low counts.   Chasin A Dream spent the day with her coloring and playing games and her spirits were very good, even though she felt horrible.  We brought her one of our Hospital Backpacks which she just loved, especially the iPad.   She is hoping to be released home later this week.

June 2019

Last week Jaci had her next-to-last lumbar puncture. She will still will be taking monthly, daily, and weekly chemo, but only has one more LP. We are very grateful to our amazing God for He has blessed us so much through this ordeal.

This week we are visiting family in Virginia and also visiting Washington DC. Unfortunately, Jaci is suffering the side effects of the treatment and is also taking heavy doses of steroids, so she has not been able to fully enjoy our vacation.

She is so strong and tries so hard to participate with as much enthusiasm as she can muster.
Please keep her in your prayers.