Check out the amazing day Law Enforcement treated Gio to recently

Giovanni is just five year old and battling an aggressive form of brain cancer for the past three years. Recently his mother was informed that her child had weeks, possibly months to live.

According to his mom, Veronica, “Five years ago I was given the Gift of my first born child. Giovanni. My first baby wow. What a life changing Experience. God knew what I needed & when I needed it. God has given me another miracle. Gio woke up from incubation and is doing well. Talking to me. Playing with his tablet. Crying for his sissy Nevaeh. I am THANKFUL for that. Every second of it I am so thankful for. On another note It’s been confirmed that Gio has multiple NEW tumors in his brain. Yes u read that right. The scans show that his ependymoma has thrown seeds. It has planted countless little tumors ALL OVER Gios brain. The “original tumor”from 2017 still remains in Gios brain it has grown FOUR TIMES in size since his last routine scan on June 24th 2019. In just 3 weeks. I have to state facts. I can not sugar coat what’s happening in Gios journey at this point. His medical team is very concerned and told me to mentally prepare myself for what is TRULY happening. I am scared. I am hopeful. I am standing in a 10 lane highway while all the cars run me over. I know that God makes no mistakes. I don’t know why . I don’t know how. I don’t know when. God please carry Gio . Please God give me the strength no mother should have to ask for. Heal my mind . Heal my heart. Wake me up from my worst nightmare. I never needed prayers in my existence as much as I do now. Pray on your knees. Pray until your mouth is dry. Pray from the bottom of your heart. Cancer is taking over my sons brain and I need genuine prayers. Tomorrow we will go home on chemo and God will carry us thru the rest of my child’s journey. Love & hugs ♥️ Gios mom

October 6, 2019 update: Today makes exactly 3 years ago my son Giovanni was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. Wow my 5 year old has spent more then half his life fighting this battle. A true hero. I made the hardest decision of my life this week. On October 1 2019 I decided TO STOP TREATMENT . IT TOOK ME 3 months to make this decision. I am Giovanni’s mom & his dad. I am his voice. I had to fight very hard with my emotions to come up with this decision. Even on active treatment his tumors have still multiplied & spread like wildfire. This choice was very hard for me. So far it feels like the right choice. I could never forgive myself for not trying everything. I have tried everything. He enjoys his iPad more then life I am beyond thankful he can still correspond his hands to hold it & his fingers to play. That makes me so happy. I am past needing a miracle. God is our only healer. No more pills Gio, no more medicine, no more needles, no more port access, no more lab draws, no more hospital sleepovers. The thought of it all takes my breath away. I am only human. I chose to follow my heart🎗🎈‼️ I love you son, I trust Gods plan for u.p.s. I spoke to other cancer moms with the same diagnosis as Gio & I asked them their biggest regrets. They all said they wish they would have stopped the chemoUltimately that helped me make my choice

On October 9th, law enforcement came together and gave Gio a wonderful day on the water as an honorary Marine Patrol Office. Agencies from all over south Florida showed up in their boats, cars, tanks, and helicopters to celebrate this little boy. It was am amazing display of the power of love and the power of community.