Caroline Gracie May is a bright, fun, helpful, energetic little three year old born on October 26, 2015. She came into this world healthy at 40 weeks.

At her 4 week checkup, the pediatrician notified us of needing more significant tests to be taken due to jaundice and her levels being significantly high. We stayed one week in Palms West hospital being poked with needles, x-rays, Scans, blood draws and given minimal information as my daughter went through multiple tests and immense pain. As a new first time mother this was extremely traumatizing and till this day can remember every event.

We were transferred via ambulance to Miami Children’s Hospital at 5 weeks in which within 48 hours she was given a Kasai procedure and officially diagnosed with Biliary Artesia ( a rare liver disease without known cause or research). Thankful for a diagnosis, this is only where our long journey began. Since then, we had countless hospitalizations for what is known as cholangitis, tremendous loss of time of normal childhood experiences, trauma for my daughter and us as parents; but we would do it all over again for any smile our sweet Caroline Gracie May gives us.

She has had a rough journey but continues to grow and brighten anyone’s day she meets; she is loved by many. Her resilience is inspiring and her story continues to touch many. More recently, Caroline had two liver transplants, both in June 2019; the first did fail. I cannot express in words or in thought the amount of pain she went through and the emotional, and financial toll this took on us as a family. We will always be determined to put our daughter first and stay by her side (literally and figuratively) no matter what happens or what the future brings, good or bad.

However, with organizations such as Chasin A Dream, we have been fortunate enough to feel supported by our community. Before this experience, we had not known about the local support or charitable people we lived so close to. From our family to yours, We thank you for continued support to children going through similar experiences with the goal of hearing and seeing faith, laughter, joy, and relief from children, such as my Sweet Caroline Gracie May!


Update: 8/21/19:

Caroline continues to fight the battle and wins everytime! Over the last few.konths she has overcome many medical barriers. Update: in May 2019 she caught pneumonia, was in Miami again for a week then home on antibiotics for a week as well. Isolation from all friends and regular activities. She continues to fight the tracers of mono introduced by her second liver transplant in June 2018. Due to this she is constantly fighting rino virus. More recently she had her tonsils and adenoids removed 8/14/2019. She rocked through that and left without question one day post surgery. However, moving forward to 8/19/19, she was admitted to Jupiter hospital due to fever which revealed pneumonia again! Luckily we were ae to stay close to home with the communication between hospitals this time! Things become more complicated when she recently tested positive for her blood cultural! We will know more tomorrow. Her color is coming back, fever hasn’t resurfaced, and her energy is up. This last week has been a roller coaster of emotions but she never fails to smile! 

Andy Bugsby