Ava was an energetic happy 3year old girl who would light up anybody’s day with her beautiful smile & her loving attitude…

What we thought was a regular doctor’s visit for antibiotics for a fever of 104 that didn’t go away turned out to be a life changer for her & our whole family.

Ava was sent to the hospital for further testing after her pediatrician ran blood test during her visit and noticed anomalies. I took her to the hospital & she was admitted that same day. Two days later on July 1, 2018, our worst fears were confirmed. Ava had Cancer (ALL Leukemia). I was 33 weeks pregnant with two older kids and I felt the life sucked out of me, my whole world went blank my heart dropped to my stomach.

I couldn’t process that my baby girl had cancer.

The doctor was still explaining things but my mind and my heart were just not there. I kept looking at my daughter in her hospital bed and trying to figure out how or why she had that disease that takes so many innocent lives. I couldn’t lose my baby girl she’s so young.

It was so hard telling all of our family including my then 6-year-old and 8 years old what was going on and having them ask questions even I couldn’t answer or comprehend at the time.

We stayed in the hospital almost 2 weeks while they initiated treatment to ultimately save her life. Our family has been more united than ever. It took some time but we all have faith & know that Ava is a warrior, a survivor and that she will get through this.

This is all just a bump in the path of her long journey of life. We take it day by day and hope for the best. As long as she is happy we are all happy. Ava is now 4 years old and 6 months into treatments and understands that she is a fighter & will continue to stay strong!

WarriorAndy BugsbyWarrior, Ava